Sunday, 31 January 2010

Winner of Company Magazine 2010

Can not believe that out of the top universities based in the UK. I was chosen out of three more fashion based students including me.
I was contacted by phone from Kristy Hathaway deputy fashion Editor saying would I be around to shoot my denim jacket to be featured in Company. March issue s/s -10. Straight away I said yes even though, I did not check to see if I had dates avaliable.

My inspiration was nature, so I decided to translate a Zebra like creature from runway fashion to commercial high street. Instead of painting and printing into the jacket to create these symmetrical stripe markings, I deconstructed the jacket altogether into blocks then added black denim into the jacket as panels, to create the zebra allusions. From left over’s from the denim jacket I used to then add goody panels from the bottom waist to create volume and flare in the jacket. To finish the jacket off I created architectural disk sleeves, which finishes the jacket off nicely.
For my denim jacket I was inspired my Alexander McQueen s/s 10 by his monstrous army of models walking down the runway as futurist sea animals.

Company Magazine competition- Design a denim jacket

I recived an email from my tutors regarding a competition to recreat a denim jacket that I would like to see in the commercial market stores, such as TOPSHOP and RiverIsland.
Straight away I got designing, not thinking if I would win it. Because Im menswear based designer and to runway.
I illastrated two designs and sent them off, All in less than two hours 1;30am in the morning.

V&A - FUTURE FASHION exhibition. Katie Eary

After visiting the V&A, I was very much inspired by the future of fashion exhibition, dedicated to the Royal College Arts MA students. One in particalar student stood out from the rest, Katie Eary. I liked the use of pattern techniques and the mix of synthetic fabrics used to create a military.
I was interested in my competition in the fashion industry on who to look out for in the on coming years. As well as all this, it helps people to keep track on fashion on where it might be leading.
The overall exhibition was great and inspiring. I got the chance to buy books of the featured designers, with little writing blogs about the creations, and also got to see inside the sketchbooks of how they lay out the statements for the featured collections, with fabrics pattern and inspiration of that day that they designed in the sketch. Its a working process.