Sunday, 7 March 2010

Alexander McQueen 'Fashion in motion' collection

This was McQueen's 1st MA Graduate fashion show 1992. Which launched his career, with his own label.


Alexander McQueen S/S-09 stuffed animals

The Polar bear from McQueen's S/S -09 collection was featured in the main reception area at the McQueen studio's for my placement interview.

Things I learnt at Alexander McQueen's studio

Alexander McQueen 'Platios Atlantis' dress

Shinji Konishi bat hair hat- which I really like.

Nasir Mazhar orb, Alexander McQueen heels

Alexander McQueen 'Platios Atlantis', last featured garment on the runway.

Benjamin Cho Polar bear Faux coat- glad it is not real. Alexander McQueen heels

Alex Noble

Bra Encore rat headpieces, Alexander McQueen heels

Bambie in Katie Eary

Close up of snake print and Swarovski crystals

such a poser

I dressed and made my mums Tea cup Chihuahua dog in Katie Eary A/W-10 snake print smothered in Swarovski crystals.

Print by Katie Eary
Made by me - Arif haroon khan.

Company High street edit Magazine- Design a denim jacket March issue

My final 1 page spread in Company high street edit s/s - 10 issue. OUT NOW by the end of March.

Look in WHS

Placement at Alexander McQueen

Projection of McQueen's most famous runway shows.

Main hall (polar bear from McQueen's S/S -09 'Dis -stinction collection'

I could not want more in life than to work at the McQueen studio's. I applied in September 09, but waited 1 year for a contact. This was well worth the wait.

When I went for the interview I was not worried. I waited so long that there was nothing to get in my way expressing my deepest appreciation that I am of Alexander McQueen's work.

My placement will last 4 weeks 3 days a week at the menswear department, starting over the Ester holiday. Cant wait.

Fur and leather, at INDIGO Premier Vision- Paris

The pallet of the rabbit hide reminded me of Katie Eary's A/W -10 MAN collection.

Two tone close up - Rich vibrent shades of coral greens, amber and the hint of red.

Bird's view of hide

I went to the fur and leather exhibition. OMG put it this way I was in my glory. They were amazing!

I could not believe that this wonderful sight was just around the corner of my INDIGO stand.

From the fur and leather area I purchased a cream sea snake leather with stripe markings also a head to tail Cobra pelt which was a natural shade. My biggest bargin was the rabbit hide. Even that I am against fur, this single fur pieces alone was processed better that any other hides I have come across in the past.

I was influenced by the shades of the two tone green brown and red's. This reminded me of a alge growth. This hide itself caught many of the publics eyes from the distance. I am very much interested in using this hide as my colour story for my final collection.

This is the softest rabbit fur - very delicate

Graduate fashion week stand idea

Close up view

Featured at the main hall at Premier Vision, was this huge ceiling of silver hangers combined together with garment's hooked on.

This idea is great for the GFW stand to host our collection. We need some main attractions on our stand.

Premier Vision gave me a whole look of people's stands which are our competition out there.

Chateau De Versailles- Paris

Mirror Ball room

I was inspired by the colour pallet from Versailles, with nude pinks and natural shades of reds blues and browns against the rich gold.

Main hall

Versailles (model) featuring the main gates and front, with the huge garden behind.

Central Paris designer shops

All photos were taken from Le cleireur shop

This image from 1 of the shops reminded me of Alexander McQueen's A/W-09 for PUMA.( the overlay top) on the bottom image, Which I own.

Tybeck papered Hoody with vibrent shades of blues and creams

Close ups of the botton stand and collor. Shirt from Comme des Garcon

French knot tie.- I was inspired by this tie because it is amazing to know how much hard work gone into this knotting process for just 1 tie. This is very effective and nice.

In central Paris I went to a lad of designer shops, gathering information and recorded process of high end luxury fashion. These dresses from a show window reminds me of my fan pleat constructed shoulder pads for my collection 'Homo Sapiens'

Front sold

I managed to sell 1 shirt from my collection. This shirt was the first I designed and constructed.

Colchester School of Art/Design, INDIGO Stand

Close up views of women's wear and my menswear fronts, collaberated together with other student with both Hand/digital print and embellishment.

Our college stand at INDIGO

underneath side angle of the pillar

front side angle

below the tower.
Central Paris, main attraction. Eiffel Tower. When arriving at Paris we were took onto a tour around famous sights.

I was more inspired by close ups on the tower for a more defined perspective. Most people took images of the tower from a far background view. But I had to fight off the cold determind to get the most breath taking views from my iphone, for that edge look.


All of my Digital prints were printed on Dupion done by;

The silk bureau -

Final 8 menswear shirt front's for S/S-11, to be exhibited at INDIGO Paris Premere Vision.

Mt fronts are strongly influenced by my research and mood boards. They clearly state the effects of geometric and architecture, from the Pleasure gardens.

This is my mood board, consisting of Basso & Brooke S/S -09, 10 collection as they are know for their heavy prints. Also Givinchy's menswear S/S-10, with the geometric sharp pattern's.

I gathered rich earthy pallet for my INDIGO menswear fronts.

I was inspired by Alexander McQueen's S/S- 10, 'Platios Atlantis'. The prints gave me an insight on how to apply the placement and colour, of the prints.

For my INDIGO project I was inspired by the 18th century Pleasure gardens, in particular paying much attention to detail on architecture.

I want to translate this detail to Digital print onto Menswear shirt fronts.