Sunday, 31 January 2010

Winner of Company Magazine 2010

Can not believe that out of the top universities based in the UK. I was chosen out of three more fashion based students including me.
I was contacted by phone from Kristy Hathaway deputy fashion Editor saying would I be around to shoot my denim jacket to be featured in Company. March issue s/s -10. Straight away I said yes even though, I did not check to see if I had dates avaliable.

My inspiration was nature, so I decided to translate a Zebra like creature from runway fashion to commercial high street. Instead of painting and printing into the jacket to create these symmetrical stripe markings, I deconstructed the jacket altogether into blocks then added black denim into the jacket as panels, to create the zebra allusions. From left over’s from the denim jacket I used to then add goody panels from the bottom waist to create volume and flare in the jacket. To finish the jacket off I created architectural disk sleeves, which finishes the jacket off nicely.
For my denim jacket I was inspired my Alexander McQueen s/s 10 by his monstrous army of models walking down the runway as futurist sea animals.

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