Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Placement with Katie Eary.

After long gone research for my final major collection, I decided to follow up on a reserched contacted that I found of designer Katie Eary.
In the email I was just stating questions about the S/S Collection at the MAN show at London fashion week back in September 09, on what inspired Eary's menswear outfits in more depth. I wanted to understand the designer' s thoughts and feelings about there inspiration from them selfs, as this is important coming from them as they know there collections inside out. At the same time telling Eary how much I appricate her style of work.
Katie Eary got back to soon as possible leaving a message on what I was not exspecting to hear from her, asking me in person to do a placement with her working in her flat studio on her A/W Collection. Just could not believe it!
A week later I meet Katie Eary in person for an interview. She loved my ideas gathered for my final major collection as well as my menswear fronts for indego-Paris.
Soon after the short interview I stared working with her on that day making speacial garments for her clients like Lagy GAGA and the Black eyed peas. The rest of her A/W -10 collection that I started working on the weeks is a secret? untill her collection is released on February at the MAN show, London fashion week.


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