Sunday, 7 March 2010


All of my Digital prints were printed on Dupion done by;

The silk bureau -

Final 8 menswear shirt front's for S/S-11, to be exhibited at INDIGO Paris Premere Vision.

Mt fronts are strongly influenced by my research and mood boards. They clearly state the effects of geometric and architecture, from the Pleasure gardens.

This is my mood board, consisting of Basso & Brooke S/S -09, 10 collection as they are know for their heavy prints. Also Givinchy's menswear S/S-10, with the geometric sharp pattern's.

I gathered rich earthy pallet for my INDIGO menswear fronts.

I was inspired by Alexander McQueen's S/S- 10, 'Platios Atlantis'. The prints gave me an insight on how to apply the placement and colour, of the prints.

For my INDIGO project I was inspired by the 18th century Pleasure gardens, in particular paying much attention to detail on architecture.

I want to translate this detail to Digital print onto Menswear shirt fronts.

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