Sunday, 7 March 2010

Fur and leather, at INDIGO Premier Vision- Paris

The pallet of the rabbit hide reminded me of Katie Eary's A/W -10 MAN collection.

Two tone close up - Rich vibrent shades of coral greens, amber and the hint of red.

Bird's view of hide

I went to the fur and leather exhibition. OMG put it this way I was in my glory. They were amazing!

I could not believe that this wonderful sight was just around the corner of my INDIGO stand.

From the fur and leather area I purchased a cream sea snake leather with stripe markings also a head to tail Cobra pelt which was a natural shade. My biggest bargin was the rabbit hide. Even that I am against fur, this single fur pieces alone was processed better that any other hides I have come across in the past.

I was influenced by the shades of the two tone green brown and red's. This reminded me of a alge growth. This hide itself caught many of the publics eyes from the distance. I am very much interested in using this hide as my colour story for my final collection.

This is the softest rabbit fur - very delicate

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